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Product Breakdown:

Impressed overall, but with a few caveats:

Quality: Excellent. I'm too new to the CBD game it be more specific, but compared to others I've tried it definitely had a more refined feel to it.

Results: Really helps me for post workout recovery. I initially got into CBD for it's reported effectiveness in treating anxiety and insomnia. This product has not helped me in those areas but I've seen other benefits. It's been unbelievablely helpful for post workout recovery. I noticed a significant improvement in not only my recovery time, but it also seems to help reduce the intensity of the muscle soreness overall. I've shared with some friends who were complaining about muscle soreness and they saw the same results.

Tastes: Better tasting than the others that I've tried, but the orange oil definitely leaves you with a chemical type aftertaste.

Packaging: I feel like people often over look this aspect, but the presentation really gives you that luxury feel.

Pricing: To me it's the only downside. As effective as it has been for me, $125 a month is a significant commitment. As a new user I plan to try some more inexpensive and well reviewed products to see how they effect me. It's entirely possible that this is the top of the line product and worth every penny, but without testing others I can't justify the investment yet.

Change your life today

If you have trouble sleeping, anxiety, chronic pain or just don't feel up to what you used to you may want to consider trying Populum. ONLY POPULUM! Do not be fooled by other hemp products. This review is for Populum only and is not a paid endorsement. Just want to help others find what we have. The ability to sleep peacefully yet not drowsy during the day. The ability to not have to take over the counter pain relievers to have that feeling of wellness. Allowed my husband to go off RX drugs that had side effects and achieve the same comfort by taking a few drops of the concentrated Populum in the am and pm. Of course as with any supplement or oil one should consult a Doctor..not suggesting one just stops taking their med's we all know that can be dangerous. Just suggesting if you are looking for a better life without harmful side effects look into this product. The customer service department is like no other and very knowledgeable and has your health and wellness first and foremost ahead of $ which is not normally seen in this world. Try it you will be glad you did!


Aside from the exceptional customer service from Guhnee and the rest of the Populum crew, the 1000mg Hemp Oil has done wonders for my husbands arthritis. Before this product he could barely walk due to age relatd arthritis & bad knees. After only 2 weeks he suddenly noticd he was getting out of bed in the morning without painful discomfort and while the improvement is subte, once it happens the improvement is significant. I would never buy any CBD or Hemp oil from anyone else. Its light and the flavor is yummy...does not give you indigestion like the other hemp oils. We just signd up for auto delivery! POPULUM HEMP IS THE BEST ON THE MARKET!! AND THE FOLKS WHO WORK THERE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU!! Love this product and this company!!!!!

Making Life Easier

I have Fibromyalgia and my body is riddled with arthritis. I do believe this product is helping with my chronic widespread joint pain! Adding Populum CBD Hemp Oil is the only thing I've changed in my daily regime.
I find kneeling down and getting up much easier. Getting in and out of cars is much easier. Getting up from sitting in the recliner is much easier. I can kneel on the floor and play with my dog now. Just plain everyday movement is less painful!
The only thing I can attribute all of this to is my addition of Populum CBD Hemp Oil. It's the only thing that I'm doing differently.
Plus this is my second little blue bottle and the empty one fits right in with my little collection of antique blue medicinal bottles!
When the topic of physical pain comes up, I tell everyone about Populum CBD Oil.
I definitely recommend this product!
Thank you for making my life easier and much less painful!
Amy Dancer

My honest opinion

I suffer from severe joint pain and anxiety. When I heard about CBD oil and it’s potential to help with both of my conditions I decided to try it. I discovered that not all CBD oils are created equally and that it’s important to research that your chosen brand adheres to high quality standards. I found Populum to be of the highest quality. The results are extraordinary! It manages my anxiety incredibly well without any brain fog or loss of cognitive ability. There are no negative side effects, such as drowsiness, during use or after. The effects on joint pain aren’t as profound but I did gain some benefit with this condition as well. I highly recommend this product. I’ve tried the 250 and 500 strength dosages to both be effective. Obviously, less of the 500 is required for effective treatment. I’m curious about the 1000 strength dosage but the price is a bit high.

Wonderful Oil

I have terrible feet pain and arthritis in my hands. This hemp oil relieves the pain, and I can do my daily work painfree. An extra added bonus is that it helps me sleep at night, which I never did. I would have given a five star but the price is a little high for me but so worth it.

Love this oil!

I really love this product and don't normally do reviews online but I have already shared this with so many of my friends. The taste is orange and great compared to other oils. I use it twice daily or as needed to help with anxiety but the best benefit is that it helps me focus. The price is worth it and you know it is quality compared to other less transparent brands.

Good stuff

I’ve been taking CBD oil for 2 months now. The CBD oil from Populum is the good stuff! It tastes good and it dissolves under my tongue quickly and totally. I choose to get my CBD oil from Populum because the bottle is bigger and it’s in the concentration that I want. The only negative I have is that they ship USPS. In my experience it takes an extra 2 days to arrive. I wish they shipped UPS or Fed Ex. Other than that, get the good stuff from Populum! Your aches and pains will thank you for it!

Excellent product and outstanding customer service.

My wife and I have been using Populum 500 mg hemp oil for several months. We both have arthritis and the aches & pains associated with aging. We did a lot of research on the benefits of using hemp oil containing CBD. During the process I found Populum's site. Their site was easy to use and all of the information about their products was available. In addition their customer service was friendly and quick at responding to all questions I had. Our order was filled and promptly shipped. After a little over a week we both felt a gradual reduction of pain. My wife also had better mobility in her hands. For both of us the biggest selling point was pain management and we have reached that goal already, I still have bad days but they are far more manageable than they were in the past. We both plan on continued use of this product from now on.

Feeling great again!

I started using the standard hemp oil a few months ago and have been getting very positive results. It’s not something you notice immediately, but rather over the course of time. Give it a reasonable chance (2-3 months). You may just be surprised how well you feel.

I honestly wasn't expecting much...

I developed carpal tunnel while I was pregnant and when my daughter was 2.5, it flared up so bad that I couldn't brush my hair or my teeth or really do anything with my right hand without it going numb. It was so painful I couldn't sleep so I tried another brand of CBD oil but showed no improvement. After only a couple of weeks of taking Populum's CBD oil the pain was GONE! My hand will still occasionally fall asleep while doing things, but I imagine that with more time it will only get better!

Less Anxiety!

Since taking Populum hemp oil, I've noticed less anxiety, better sleep and a greater well-being in general! It's definitely been the missing component for me. By adding a dose in the morning (works best for me to take once a day after waking) I've broken free from old thought patterns and habits and been able to achieve more progress in meditation and yoga. Populum hemp oil has been a huge help in reducing panic attacks. Grateful!!

Such a blessing!!!!!

I had a motorcycle accident last year that caused a broken hip & crushed ankle. This has left me with a lot muscle damage and long term PT. Populum hemp oil has helped me tremendously with pain. I do not use any pain meds at all. I do however use hemp oil every day. This has allowed me to manage my aches & pains. I take it every morning after breakfast & as needed after a particularly hard day. Thank you Populum!!!!!

the feel good works for a month then its does not. body builds a tolerance to it

not worth the cost the 2nd month. quadrupled the dose still dont work.,

Great product and great service!

I ordered Populum after doing a significant amount of research on CBD oil and saw it recommended by a few sites as very high quality. I've been using it now for about 3 weeks to assist with sleep and low back and shoulder pain. After my first dose of the basic oil, I slept soundly and that has continued. My pain is decreasing slowly and I know that will take time. I called customer service today to ask about the subscription plan. I lost my cell signal part way through the call and, to my amazement, they called me back as soon as they could get through. Nobody does that!!! I was very impressed not only with that but also with how attentive the person was and how well she answered my questions. I'll be subscribing today!

Life changing

After the 2nd week I noticed a major change in my sleeping habits. I was sleeping thru the night my wife said it's been over 20 years since I sleep and dreamed, the pain at 3 am every night has eased and almost stopped. I hope this continues cause because it's almost to good to be true. Thank you..

Low, mid level oil.

After having MANY issues buying the first bottle, they sent a paypal invoice. Problem SOLVED!! It (low level) worked ok. Wanted to try the mid level, it works great for my son (anxiety/ o.d.d.). Will be ordering again in a week or so. Would definitely recommend, it's u.s. grown and processed, however the transaction goes thru a foreign bank (hence the headache from my bank) R. Shore, N.Y.

What a JOKE

$200 I might has well of just given the money to a homeless person. DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!

Saving me from panic attacks

It works quickly , helps me sleep and calms me down when I have a panic attack

parkinsons disease

Thank you for helping control my Grandma's stomach pain caused by Parkinsons Disease. Your product truly gives her some relief from pain.

- Melissa Hardy, RN

Great product with noticeable results

I noticed a difference after only a few days. I slept better and felt calmer. A major help with occasional anxiety and stress. Our 10 year old Fox Terrier began having severe seizures and after only a few days of starting him on the 500mg oil, the seizures were much more mild and shorter. It was very obvious the oil was helping. He is now on zonisamide and about 8 drops twice daily of the oil and has NO more seizures. If we can keep him seizure free he won’t have to use phenobarbital which is very harmful to organs. A great product - we are monthly subscribers and very happy with our results.

Essential Head Tremor

I'm not the user of hemp oil my wife is. She has been having botox injections in her neck to alleviate the tremors. They do help, however the injections need to be done every 3-4 months. After reading about hemp oil and how it works she decided to try it. Stress accentuates the tremors, so we thought if stress could be reduced it might help with the tremors. Yesterday we had an appointment with her neurologist to have her injections. We have noticed that the hemp oil certainly reduced her stress levels and subsequently her tremors are lessened. When her doctor examined her he found that the muscles in her neck were not protruding out like they usually do, so much so that he suggested we wait a couple weeks longer. We opted to go ahead with the injections. Her neurologist is unaware of her taking the hemp oil. We will not disclose this to him until later on. She has been taking Populum for about 3 months. The staff in his office is aware of her usage and suggested we not inform him. Alternative ideas are hard for the medical profession (Doctors) to accept without years of testing. What a shame.


I usually like to wait 3 months before writing a review to get a good sense of how well a product works or doesn't. I've been using CBD oil,/500mg for 2 months. In the beginning it worked we well for insomnia . Lately I'm not getting the same results. I started with one half of a dropper and am now taking 1 full dropper but still not sleeping well. Also I had hoped it would work for lowering my blood sugar, but have not seen any positive results.

God send

I suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases and have chronic systemic inflammation. This has helped so much

Chronic Pain Relief

I've come against Rheumatoid Arthritis for 50 years. The last 5 years I was given medicines, as in the past, to alleviate damage to joints. When I couldn't afford traditional pharmaceutical medicine, I had to drop it. Then came the back pain and muscle spasms that were mask by those medicines. I resorted back to NSAID and was referred to this product. I decided to try it as the pain by evening was 10+ even with the NSAID. This product has taken the edge off and helped me to maintain my daily activities at age 75. It makes me more calm and less agitated due to pain. I take a dose in the morning and one in the evening before bed. I highly recommend this to all who struggle with chronic pain, and this business I find very profession and helpful. Thank you so much team. Sincerely, Camille