Here at Populum, we are delighted to present our Veterans Assistance Program. We found this was a great way to say thank you to those who have served our country both in the past and in the present. We believe that through the Veterans Program, more customers that have served our country will be able to improve their well-being by adding hemp oil to their a daily habit.

 Veterans Assistance Program

Why We’re Starting the Veterans Assistance Program (VAP)

After several veterans showed their interest in trying out hemp oil, we quickly realized we could step and do more. So, as a team, we collectively decided to try out what we’re now calling the Veterans Assistance Program.

We understand and deeply appreciate the amount of sacrifice veterans have made in their lives for our safety. So we want to use this as an opportunity to give back however we can. By offering a discount to veterans, it will be easier for them to try out our hemp oil products. We hope that by pairing this discount program with our 30 day risk free trial will allow more veterans to try hemp CBD oil as a supplement.

 Populum Hemp Oil For Veterans

What is the Veterans Assistance Program?

Populum is now offering a 25% discount on all products to our veterans through a simple application process.. The application form is quite straightforward. After filling in some basic information, such as Name and Address, we also ask for what products the applicant is interested in. To verify the proof of service, we do require some form of identification. This can include Honorable/Medical Discharge Paperwork, DD214, Military ID, or a VA Card.

We’ve added an additional bonus section, where we ask veterans to share some memorable experience that they have from their time serving our country. This section is completely optional, but we’ve added it for a couple of reasons. First, we believe that it will be a great way for veterans to share the history that they have been a part of. This also provides a valuable and memorable resource for us, non-military members, to better understand and appreciate the service that our military have provided for us. In all, we love to read the wide variety of stories that our customers share with us. It is often the highlight of our day to hear the stories they have to tell.

How It Works

Our Veteran’s Assitance Program application is very straightforward. The application is as simple as filling out personal information, which includes their name, number, and email, as well as their shipping address and submitting some form of proof of service.  

If you’re interested in applying, fill out all the fields as shown on the form below:

 Veterans Assistance Program Application

Snapshot of Veterans Assistance Program Application


Once submitted, one of our team members will reach back out via email within 24-48 hours. If approved, we make it super easy for you to check out. You’ll receive an invoice directly to your email so that you can take care of everything directly from your email.

To our veterans, we thank you for your service and for the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team directly by email at or call us at 855.872.2772.