If you have placed an order with us recently, you may have noticed something a little bit sexier about your shipment. That’s because we are launching our new rebrand! Don’t worry, we are still the same quality product on the inside, just with a fresh coat of paint. However, our rebrand was for reasons beyond just getting a little cosmetic work done, and we want to share those reasons with you.

If you are a regular hemp user, you may know that there is an unfair stigma attached to the industry that causes people to shy away from us: the misconception that hemp CBD is the same as marijuana. One of our biggest initiatives here at Populum is providing education to people about what hemp is and how it can help people in countless different ways, and we wanted to take that part of our company’s core values and go a step further.

We want to have a brand that welcomes people with open arms and feels safe, premium, and natural.

Hemp is a crop that has been utilized for hundreds of years, but people are just trying it for the first time now. We want to make sure that people feel comfortable trying a brand that doesn’t have the look or feeling of being “sketchy” -- we have made efforts to ensure this through our friendly and attentive customer service, our risk-free 30-day trial, and now through branding that is approachable, fun, playful, and ready to be seen on your bathroom counter or in your beauty bag.


This isn’t just about us. It’s about uplifting and bringing our entire industry to the mainstream. Just as we are here for you, we are here for our competitors, partners, and suppliers.

Happy hemping!