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How do I take a tincture? How much do I take? When should I take it? Read our guide to learn how to take hemp oil effectively


How to take hemp Oil tinctures

Hemp oil tinctures are taken sublingually

The best way to take the Populum hemp oil is to apply it under the tongue. We recommend allowing it to sit for 30-45 seconds and then using your tongue to distribute the remaining oil to your inner cheeks. This sublingual method allows for maximum absorption and helps the supplement enter your bloodstream more instantaneously.

Each tincture comes with a dropper. These droppers can hold 1ml of oil. They make it easy to apply the hemp oil sublingually and measure out the same dosage each time. Depending on the concentration you purchase, the amount of CBD will vary per dropper. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Basic 250: 8mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per dropper
  • Signature 500: 17mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per dropper
  • Advanced 1000: 33mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per dropper

Why establishing a routine is important


establish routine when taking hemp oil

Routine & habit is a crucial factor that affects how your body responds to hemp oil. There are multiple aspects that go into taking hemp oil that can make or break your response to it.

  • Customer research has suggested that our bodies respond to hemp oil better after we have eaten and on a full stomach. Perhaps on an empty stomach, the body lacks the nutrition to be able to absorb cannabinoids into the body. When nutrients are present, our body possesses the ability to more readily absorb more compounds. A helpful way to think about this is that the body absorbs the phytocannabinoids more effectively when it is not hungry for other nutrients.
  • You have the option to take your desired dosage in one sitting or you could try splitting your dosage into two or more sittings. We have found that this is more a personal preference, and requires experimentation to figure out what you prefer. Hemp oil is not a one sized fits all supplement. We do suggest that once you find what works for you, you repeat that daily to develop a consistency that your body can rely on.
  • It is also possible to take hemp oil at different times of the day, depending on your reason for taking hemp oil. Some customers take hemp oil in the morning as a daily supplement, while others take it in the evenings to help them wind down. Again, once you establish the time(s) that work for you, try to stick to them. Our bodies thrive on regular routines.

Serving size


How to take populum hemp oil

One of the most common questions that we are asked is what dosage new users should take. Since hemp oil is not a “one sized fits all” supplement, it is sometimes difficult to provide specific answers for those who are seeking less ambiguity. Because serving size depends drastically on many factors (the individual, weight, age, experience with hemp oil, etc,) Populum provides general recommendations. With each tincture we ship out, we include the instructional flyer that can be seen above. The suggestions seen on this flyer will help each individual develop their own baseline.


If you have any questions that we did not manage to cover here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us anytime by email, phone, or live chat on our website!


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