You deserve a hemp oil bath.

hemp oil bath

One of the reasons we love working with hemp oil so much is that it’s so multidimensional. We have offered options to use hemp oil in a tincture and as a topical, but there is an unexpected benefit of hemp oil that we particularly love.

Adding a few drops of hemp oil to your bath can help to soothe muscles and maximize your relaxation time!

Here is our recipe for the perfect bath:

  • Bath salts or a bath bomb of your choice.
  • Plants! They make people happy.
  • Flowers with the stems removed.
  • Your favorite candle.
  • A dropper-sized amount of Populum Premium Hemp Oil.
  • Relaxing music.

Use Populum hemp oil for a soothing bath

use a few drops of hemp oil in your bath

We believe that self-care is a crucial component of leading a healthy lifestyle, and it is important to set aside time just for you. We can help with that.

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